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Jan 05

Linkedin Profile Picture and Facebook Like Campaign

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Myrtle Beach Marketing using Linkedin groups and also getting local companies to create a Facebook ‘Like’ campaign to help each member to grow their local exposure and client base.

Initially we teach you how to choose and upload a profile picture to your linkedin profile. The Myrtle Beach Professional Network helping guide members on utilizing social media, mobile and local marketing strategies to grow their business.

As a bonus and cross promotion we start a FACEBOOK like campaign for local Myrtle beach businesses. This is very powerful strategy to increase your businesses local reach and exposure.

Take action so you can benefit from these Myrtle Beach Marketing tips.

Jan 05

How to generate Leads online every day

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We are a Myrtle Beach Marketing Company. Tired of struggling to generate leads for your business. Wish there was a simple way to find prospects and start relationships that can become new business. Well here is the solution, we use this daily to find , contact and start relationships with new prospects and leads. The attached video gives you a short simple example of what we do for clients and ourselves. Here is a simple tip on how you can generate leads and prospect every day. Want tips on other Myrtle Beach Marketing topics visit Myrtle Beach Social Media Marketing Consulting

No website or blog required to apply this Myrtle Beach Marketing Tip.

Here is a photo example.


You just need to know what to search for and… in this example we were looking for leads and prospects for realtors, landlords and rental agents. These same leads can be used for any service business looking to connect to visiors, vacationers, and new residence. Are you starting to see how powerful this can be?

Myrtle Beach Marketing tips work for all Cities and most businesses

Although we are a Myrtle Beach Marketing company this tip will work for any business in any city. Want more or have questions contact and connect with us at our Myrtle Beach Marketing website and be sure to get on our list to get more business marketing tips.

“beacuse so much depends on your business”

Jan 05

$78,000 Raised for Kids benefiiting Victory Junction

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Myrtle Beach Marketing proudly shares that over $78000 was raised for the Victory Junction kids and the Hole in the Wall Camp at the Wyndham Worldwide event at the Barefoot Resort Clubhouose in Myrtle Beach SC this past weekend. This helps give kids a no cost week to be a kid….Wow.

My wife Jacqueline Maas works with Wyndham resorts and they were the main sponsor. We got to meet the king himself Richard Petty. The event was fantastic and Myrtle Beach Marketing was really proud to be a small part of the event and help raise money. The video we created helped bring in silent auction items here is the link to that video if you would like to see it .

Jan 05

Do you believe in Angels or God? The Ben Breedlove Story

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For those of you that know my story “Cancer free” it will probably not surprise you that this story is being shared.

Ben Breedlove shared the video below on youtube with over 2,000,000 views. Ben passed away Christmas day a few days after he shared this video.

RIP Ben, and thank you for growing my faith. God bless you, your family and friends.

To learn more about Ben here is a link to his youtube channel.

The VIDEO that inspired me.

Jan 05

Myrtle Beach real estate market is Rebounding in 2012

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Is the Myrtle Beach Real Estate market Rebounding?

Well we have been hearing optimism and that is great but we have also been seeing local business friends and partners who are saying they are seeing a definite uptick in the Myrtle beach real estate market.

Here is a Video from WPDE Channel 15 on the Subject.

This is by no means a scientific study born from an exhaustive data research… In fact if you have any data to support this or refute it we would love to have that shared in the comments.

Bottom line, it has been a while since we have seen and heard this much optimism in the Real Estate market in Myrtle Beach South Carolina or any where for that matter.

We hope it continues. We all could use this.

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